Hedy Lamarr has been adored ever since her discovery in her teens until now, and she will continue to be well on into the future.  Her list of accomplishments however, was rivaled by the many interruptions she faced throughout her life.

With that, you are formally welcomed to Woman Interrupted – A Kitbasher’s Guide to Hedy Lamarr, the brainchild of Dr. John Freeman of University of Detroit Mercy, published by Rhizomes.net.

Kitbashing is a practice whereby a new scale model is created by taking pieces out of existing commercial model kits. These pieces may be added to a custom project or to another kit. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitbashing)  Dr. Freeman had the idea to present the tumultuous events of Hedy’s life Kitbashed by the rest of the world around her and us.

The format of this website showcases Hedy’s many accolades emulated by the frequency hip-hopping technology invented by her and George Antheil.  It is not designed to be a sequential reading of her life, rather it is a Kitbashed execution of her achievements and disappointments, the story being told through hundreds of marvelous graphics, videos and sound clips.

Before meeting Dr. Freeman, I knew nothing of Hedy Lamarr, although I often wondered who that beautiful woman on my copy of CorelDraw9 editing software was.  I was oblivious to the fact that my wi-fi, cellular phone and other technologies I used were thanks to Hedy Lamarr.  I now have a new found respect and admiration for this Woman Interrupted.  It is our desire that both long-time Hedy Lamarr fans and those unacquainted with her alike, will find a treasure trove of interesting facts that help us to love and appreciate Hedy Lamarr even more.

The website is not just an information portal, rather it is an interactive community.  We encourage you to sign up so you can join in the conversation by commenting on the existing articles.  Members also have the ability to add their own Hedy Lamarr Kitbashed ideas to our article database.

Once again, welcome to Woman Interrupted – A Kitbasher’s Guide to Hedy Lamarr.

Steve Vogelaar, Web Designer
Woman Interrupted – A Kitbasher’s Guide to Hedy Lamarr

  Not a Fan Letter

Dear Hedy Lamarr,    This is not a fan letter. At least, not in the Hollywood sense. Like too many things in your life, it arrives in an untimely fashion. A Woman, Interrupted—by a dictatorial husband, the Hollywood image machine, and ghostwriters, among...

 Image Capture–and Release!

Grand Theft Identity:Hedy Lamarr Sues Corel     Misnamed and often miscast, you would come to lament:  “My face has been my misfortune. It has attracted six unsuccessful marriage partners. It has attracted all the wrong people into my boudoir for five...


Enter Valerie Solanas, the Founding Mother of SCUM (the Society for Cutting Up Men).Solanas is portrayed as emerging from Antheil's misogynism and Warhol's mishandling of Hedy--an Avenging Exorcist  and Rectifier.The male is a biological accident:  the Y (male) gene...

Frequency Hiphopping

Contemporary culture, with its focus on media mixing and sampling as well as its heavy investiture in the Internet, can be traced back to your work on what is now known as spread spectrum technology. Indeed, frequency hopping is the very progenitor of the frequency...

I. Warhol’s Hedy: A Spliced Life

Ronald Tavel writes about the experience of having Andy Warhol transmogrify his script, Hedy, into a Factory production. He characterizes his script as “the celluloid saga with which I protested the taking of the actress into custody” (259). His “protest,” however,...

Secret Communication System

“The release of the patent could not have been more timely.  Pearl Harbour was still in everyone’s mind and, just two days before the patent grant, America suffered the worst defeat in the entire history of the Navy” (Walters 4). PATENT"…it has been very...