You may choose to navigate this site in an orderly fashion or more in the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, frequency hopping styles. 

Here are some pointers in any event:


  1. If you ever want to find your way back to the home screen, click the logo on the top of the navigation menu.  Later you may find that a good starting point is Corel FUNCTIONS.  You will find it highlighted in the side menu.
  2. Throughout the site, you will find many kit-bashing TIPS underlined in red. Hovering over them with your mouse, or tapping them on your touch-screen device displays the TIP.
  3. Many of the movie clips are slide shows that play automatically, or you can navigate through the slides yourself with the navigation buttons.
  4. Shareware. This is an interactive site. As an active participant as well as a navigator, you are encouraged to contribute to it. This might involve suggesting further examples and contexts for applying the Corel Kit functions (e.g. zoom, distort, object handling, etc.) to scenes from Hedy’s films, aspects of her life and career as an inventor, or in ways this site has not taken into account. “Rhizomatic,” this site thrives on the growth of ever-expanding, subterranean roots that, in Deleuze’s formulation, can “apprehend multiplicities.” Any submisssion, once evaluated and approved, will be incorporated into what this an ongoing project.
  5. COMING SOON! For gamer’s and those who want a challenge, we will be adding a fun game in which you can exercise your frequency hopping skills by guiding a torpedo to its intended target: a Nazi warship. Don’t forget, lives are at stake here!
  6. Disclaimer. This site is intended as an academic, not-for-profit project in the spirit of the Fair Use Doctrine. Every effort has been expended to make sure sources have been given proper attribution. Any exceptions will be corrected upon notice. Any copyright holders of material employed here can have such material immediately removed upon notification. My hope is to draw attention to the works of those who have dedicated themselves to exploring and showcasing the various aspects of this remarkable woman’s life.