Inventor’s Patent versus Beauty Pageant
Ironically, George Antheil played a dual role in your life, positive and negative. Your frequency hopping idea played into his own composition techniques and together you devised a patent for guiding torpedoes to their targets.

But his other interests, particularly in counseling beautiful women in the medical miracles achieved through his glandular “science,” would prove disruptive forces in your life.

Antheil’s Composition Techniques

    First, the positive. . .    Descriptions of Antheil’s musical technique suggest the same multi-layering of complex relationships. Analyzing Antheil’s Airplane Sonata, Linda Whitesitt describes his “manipulation of ostinato patterns and his technique...


  Antheil, a self-proclaimed expert on glandular "science," brags about his acumen: “If the lady offers you some of her history, she will be telling you with every breath to exactly what glandular type she belongs.”"Hedy Wants You to Pitch Her the Pituitary"...


Gland Kit Line-Up Number One Far  away a piece of gaily printed silk will be gradually taking the form of a girl. . . Postpituitary ‘the maternal instinct” Here comes Number 2. She’s really  handsome. Heavy bushy hair.  Sporty mannish hair. Aggressive walk. Will...


Every Man His Own Detective          --George Antheil "X marks the gland where the criminal is found." Glandbook for the Questing Man  -- George Antheil Reducing a laboratory science to a sidewalk sport for a grading of the passing female from A to D “More fun than...