Why classify the graphic design company that stole your image under Rectifiers?

Shouldn’t it more properly be known as a Wrecktifier?

Actually, the tools in its kit can be redeployed and turned against their maker.
Showing how zooms, distortions, traps and other devices put you at an unfair disadvantage begins the process of rectification.

Information theory tells us that one way to push a message through a noisy channel is to enlarge the channel. A second way involves repeating it several times over so that even if each transmission arrives in fragmented style the receiver can piece the message together by drawing bits and fragments from all the repeated elements.

The toolkit, repurposed, contains all the tools necessary for shareware projects devoted to you.

Corel is now a Correlator ready to be applied to Carrier Waves!

What’s in Corel’s Tool Kit?

Well, for starters, there’s something any writer or aspiring designer would value. Users can set up their own personal workspace, including their preferences. Multiple files can be imported and placed, using the interactive cursor, anywhere on the document.

There are 10 FUNCTIONS below waiting for you to start exploring.

Many of these FUNCTIONS also have extra Kit-bashed examples of that FUNCTION at the bottom for you to explore.


FUNCTION #1. ZOOM: Up Close and Too Personal

Go to Properties on the pop-up menu of Tools >Options>Toolbox>Zoom & Pan Tool. Zoom in allows you to define a marquee around the area you want to magnify.

FUNCTION #2. CLONE: “Creating a Goddess”

Cloning objects can save you a lot of time on a project when you are working with duplicate objects. When an object is cloned, a duplicate is made of the selected object. The original object becomes the control object... Exactly Like You Diana Krall I know why I've...


The Interactive Distortion Tool allows the user to distort the object in a number of ways, creating thereby a number of realistic effects that cleverly mask their provenance.

FUNCTION #4. SELECT & SAY: Off the Record

Select-and-Say™–verbally edit, format or correct words and phrases…

FUNCTION #5. SCRIPT/UNDO: Director’s Cut

There are only so many undo levels.  If you do not pre-configure more undo levels you will not be able to undo everything you want."Here, silently fuming at what’s unfolding before him, a commanding figure sits in a dark projection room. The brooding figure is Fritz...

FUNCTION #6. RENAME: Pseudonymously Yours

Create a duplicate that adopts given properties of the original.In an encounter with MGM’s fabled Luis B. Mayer, you negotiated your first Hollywood contract.  It is he who provided the young Hedwig Keisler Mandl with a new name: Hedy Lamarr, the surname coined from...

FUNCTION #7. ROTATE & SKEW: Axis of Evil

Setting our preferences accordingly, we can click and drag the following scene into our personal workspace.“It was when I was making Come Live With Me. I went to the projection room alone to see some rushes. A bit actor who happened to be on the lot appeared and asked...


There is support for low-resolution “proxy” images.Hollywood often treated you like a posable doll. All too often, many of your roles involved suicide efforts or, in White Cargo, you played the role of a femme fatale, forced at the end to drink poison.More examples of...


Enter Valerie Solanas, the Founding Mother of SCUM (the Society for Cutting Up Men).Solanas is portrayed as emerging from Antheil's misogynism and Warhol's mishandling of Hedy--an Avenging Exorcist and Rectifier    In opposition to Corel, Solanas argues that...

FUNCTION#10. TRAPS: Mandl / Hollywood

Once, ducking from Mandl’s surveillance momentarily, you hid in one of the rooms of a peepshow brothel—only to have to choose between being a participant in the show or facing Mandl’s wrath. What followed was “the strangest love-making any girl ever had” (23). A...