Carrier Signals


Carrier waves are waves of constant frequency that do not by themselves carry much information. To convey information, an input wave is added in a process called modulation.

This second wave changes the contours of the carrier wave. Since the input wave is relatively weak, it relies on the much stronger carrier wave for successful transmission.

“The process of modulation is like hiding a secret code inside the carrier wave.”

Closely examining your films as carrier waves, we can detect hidden “messages” that offer some insights into your life.

In Come Live with Me, we encounter frequency signaling fireflies.

In Experiment Perilous, we witness you struggling with an overbearing husband.

In Eterna Femmina, you explore the curse of beauty.

Decoding all these modulations allows you to speak through your films.

My Favorite Spy

Hover your mouse or click on slideshow to pause playback. Click on arrows to resume slideshow

FUNCTION #7. ROTATE & SKEW: Axis of Evil

Setting our preferences accordingly, we can click and drag the following scene into our personal workspace.“It was when I was making Come Live With Me. I went to the projection room alone to see some rushes. A bit actor who happened to be on the lot appeared and asked...

Films: Girl, Interrupted

Insanity comes in two basic varieties: slow and fast. The predominant quality of the slow form is viscosity. Experience is thick. Perceptions are thickened and dulled. Time is slow, dripping slowly through the clogged filter of thickened perception. ...velocity endows...

A Codemaker, Codebreaker War

Even the comics of the day replicated coded formats... The Submariner is captured by German spies, under suspicion of being a spy himself. . .Will he be rescued in time, before he's found out?Or killed before he can convey the secret of their coding...

FUNCTION #1. ZOOM: Up Close and Too Personal

Go to Properties on the pop-up menu of Tools >Options>Toolbox>Zoom & Pan Tool. Zoom in allows you to define a marquee around the area you want to magnify.

Eterna Femmina

Invited to a masked ball, you must decide which historical character to assume. The first candidate is Geneviève de Brabant, the chaste wife of Siegfried of Treves falsely accused of adultery by a scorned suitor. According to the tale, she escaped a sentence of death...


There is support for low-resolution “proxy” images.Hollywood often treated you like a posable doll. All too often, many of your roles involved suicide efforts or, in White Cargo, you played the role of a femme fatale, forced at the end to drink poison.More examples of...

Comrade X

In Comrade X, you were allowed to express your intellect, but under an assumed male name: Thompson: You don’t look like Theodore to me Hedy: I was named at the Workers’ Council Thompson: Somebody didn’t have his glasses on. Hedy: It is not glasses.  It is the law. ...

Souls for Sale

While Barbara Lamarr’s silent film, Souls for Sale (1923), might be justly labeled a biopic, the life it portrayed is not one from the past but one yet to be fully realized. You were just a ten-year-old girl living a blissful and sheltered life in Vienna when the film...

Ziegfeld Follies

You get to try out being a walking statueNo fashion plate himself!Warhol's own version of a Ziegfeld girl....

Career Counseling

In Dishonored Lady, after a failed suicide attempt, you end up on a psychiatrist’s couch. He advises you to leave your unsatisfying role as a high-powered fashion editor and to pursue your love of painting. Not terribly bad advice, but you still end up playing second...

Come Live with Me

Come Live with Me, the movie that most closely models your life, holds perhaps a final key for interpreting your life, or at least a final note to end on.  You play a Viennese refugee, Johnnie, who will be deported to Europe unless she can find a husband in one week. ...


In Dishonored Lady, you get to play the maiden-in-psychological-distress role, too bound up in knots even to defend yourself. Like Ophelia, "as one incapable of her own distress."   Tavel and Warhol put your Montez stand-in in the same...

Griffin Lamarr Interview

Featured on the Merv Griffin Show, you finally had the chance to clear the air about Ecstasy and the infamous swimming scene: Griffin [on arriving in America amid the Ecstasy buzz]: "You really came over here with a bang."Well, I didn't know they were going to zoom in...
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