Andy Warhol and scriptwriter Ronald Tavel conspired to do a send-up film of your life, Hedy, the Tale of Fourteen Year Old Girl. Although it offers a legitimate portrayal of the destructive forces besetting female actors in Hollywood, it unfairly catches you in the cross-fire of its critique.  

Corel only stole and multiplied your image in a Warhol Marilyn Monroe style.

Warhol and Tavel cut much more deeply, mischaracterizing you.

Valerie Solanas, another woman wronged, emerged from the chaos

II. Warhol’s Hedy: Operational Failure

Scene 1 The Operating Room "The film begins with an avant-garde image. It is a static shot and it is only through time and a certain amount of dialogue that we realize that we are seeing a women's face as she lays on a table, the top of her head towards the camera,...

I. Warhol’s Hedy: A Spliced Life

Ronald Tavel writes about the experience of having Andy Warhol transmogrify his script, Hedy, into a Factory production. He characterizes his script as “the celluloid saga with which I protested the taking of the actress into custody” (259). His “protest,” however,...

III. Warhol’s Hedy: Trial and Error (Mostly Error)

I laugh when I think how I cried over you
Cried over dreams that weren’ t meant to come true.
I’ll smile cause I know that it’s better this way
Cause I’ve found someone else to love, so go on your lonely way

The only price I had to pay was the few tears that I shed
And I found out that I need you like I need a hole in my head
When I found out you lied something real inside me died
And I laugh when I think I cried over you.


In Dishonored Lady, you get to play the maiden-in-psychological-distress role, too bound up in knots even to defend yourself. Like Ophelia, "as one incapable of her own distress."   Tavel and Warhol put your Montez stand-in in the same...

Candy Darling

Caption: AFTER MANY ILLEGAL HORMONE TREATMENTS, CANDY DARLING DIES OF CANCER IN 1975. (Harron 152) She was featured prominently in I Shot Andy Warhol.The opening of Ecstasy alludes to Wilson’s Forever Feminine. With his strong ties to hormone producers, Dr. Wilson...