“ScriptCommando Utility”

TIP “And you thought a marquee was just for displaying titles! In DRAWspeak, you create a marquee when you click and drag diagonally to outline a rectangular area. A marquee created with the Pick tool selects all objects which are completely inside the...

A screen capture program,

TIP “A screen capture program, CorelCAPTURE 8 offers options by which one can “create and modify 3D objects using links such as lock, slider and axis and deformation tools such as stretch, shatter, and twist.”

and ran for the door.

TIP Click and drag the Interactive Extrude Tool to extrude the  object as well as to establish the vanishing point and adjust the depth of the extrusion.

back-upside-down view

TIP Click again, and more handles let you rotate  and skew, and set the center of rotation.

closed my eyes

TIP – For the dyed-in-the-wool special effects enthusiast, Corel’s own Suite offers many “productivity enhancements such as non-destructive object Clip Masks, new lenses and interactive transparency adjustment tools that allow the artist flexible control...

contemporary icon of the Free Love Movement

TIP – Creating Boiler Plate Objects You can create scripts that automatically execute whenever you start to draw…These are very handy for any housekeeping that you seek to do on a regular basis, like, say, automatically setting guidelines, creating some...


TIP “CorelSCRIPT language supports the creation of custom dialog boxes, so that you can turn your scripts into mini-applications”

Ecstasy and Me

TIP Although this masking method is a tried and true way to fool the eye into thinking you are looking through text into a background, this same effect can be created by applying PowerClip to the background.

hardly any dialogue

TIP – Using the Text roll-up or the Character dialog, change the face, the style, and the size.  It doesn’t matter what you change them to, as long as you make some kind of change to all three.

I suspected something.

TIP CorelSCRIPT language “supports the creation of custom dialog boxes, so that you can turn your scripts into mini-applications.”

It was her own fault

TIP With Artistic Text, you have three spacing controls: Character, Word, and Line. Character spacing is measured as a percentage of the space taken up by the space character in the font. By default, it is set to zero so that no extra space is added between...

Mandl barks out orders

WARNING Be aware…you cannot pick and choose the actions that you want to undo; they must be done in order. Run a script, then go to Edit > Undo

obviously guilty,

TIP To lock an object, select the object and then choose Arrange / Lock Object

passionate expression

TIP – “Creating and editing an object has been streamlined where users can do basic node editing or transformations using any selected creation tool.”


TIP The Connector Line Tool is at the end of the Curve flyout. You use it to draw a line between two objects that dynamically changes when either or both of the objects are moved.

several takes and jabs

TIP – The Interactive Distortion Tool allows the user to distort the object in a number of ways, creating thereby a number of realistic effects that cleverly mask their provenance.