Why settle for a mere image?

NOTE A PowerClip sounds like a heavy-duty hedge trimmer or the latest style in hair styling, but the name is just a fancy marketing term for the ability to paste an object inside of another object. In the CorelDRAW manual, your thumbnail portrait appears...

Mandl barks out orders

WARNING Be aware…you cannot pick and choose the actions that you want to undo; they must be done in order. Run a script, then go to Edit > Undo

“ScriptCommando Utility”

TIP “And you thought a marquee was just for displaying titles! In DRAWspeak, you create a marquee when you click and drag diagonally to outline a rectangular area. A marquee created with the Pick tool selects all objects which are completely inside the...

unfolding before him,

TIP Go to Properties on the pop-up menu or Tools >Options>Toolbox>Zoom, Pan Tool.