Invited to a masked ball, you must decide which historical character to assume.

The first candidate is Geneviève de Brabant, the chaste wife of Siegfried of Treves falsely accused of adultery by a scorned suitor. According to the tale, she escaped a sentence of death to live in a cave for six years. She was finally discovered and it turns out you have been exonerated of the charge. Fortunately, you escaped the fate of the real-life person the tale is based on, Marie of Brabant, who was ordered beheaded by her gullible husband.

Your second option is Empress Josephine de Beauharnais. Fortunately, other than the divorce to Napoleon and a narrow escape from an assassin’s bomb plot, she did not suffer Brabant’s fate.

Your third option is Helen of Troy, whose kidnapping matches up with your own “kitnapping.” 

You ultimately decide none of them is a fit for you. For once, an escape from type-casting! Imagine the trouble that would have ensued if Paris had decided!