Although you patented the lively, dynamic science of frequency hopping, directors and the Hollywood Image Machine often conspired to keep you in your “place.”

We protest. . .

The “widespread lack of self-confidence brought about by the father system that discourages many talented girls from becoming scientists” (Solanas). In films such as I Take This Woman and Dishonored Lady, you played second-fiddle and helpmeet to men of half your intellect.

You spoke the ironic truth behind “Hold That Pose”:

“Any girl can be glamorous, all you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”

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You were more often presented as a conversation piece rather than as an intelligent woman with a great deal to say. Hollywood often treated you like a posable doll.

Your beauty only served as an isolation chamber…. “The cynosure of all eyes” “so beautiful that everyone would stop talking when she entered a room” “Of her conversation I can remember nothing…one just watched her mouth moving and marveled at the exquisite shape of her lips”

(George Sanders)

“This patent describes a system that hides speech away under a noise-like signal”
(Walters 162).