Gland Kit Line-Up

Number One

Far  away a piece of gaily printed silk will be gradually taking the form of a girl. . .


‘the maternal instinct”

Here comes Number 2.

She’s really  handsome. Heavy bushy hair. 

Sporty mannish hair.

Aggressive walk.

Will probably grow up to run her father’s business.

Too much adrenal cortex for yours truly.

Sign off.


‘the organizing and sporting urge”

Here comes Number 3.

What a figure!
Balanced, sleek and beautiful.
Eyes brilliant; she’s devastating.
She’s wide-eyed too,
a sign of the thyroid
as well as the pituitary.
A beautiful intelligent girl
and one difficult to know.
But one oh so well articulated.

Here is another.

Number 4, almost like Number 3.
Marvelous figure, sleek,
balanced body.
She will be less difficult to know.
Remark her eyes which are just
a little too brilliant
and her bosom
which is just a little too small.

Each one alone
might mean nothing,
but together they spell

‘Dementia Americana’

“The individual corresponds to four targets on a rifle range.”