Antheil, a self-proclaimed expert on glandular “science,” brags about his acumen:

“If the lady offers you some of her history, she will be telling you with every breath to exactly what glandular type she belongs.”

“Hedy Wants You to Pitch Her the Pituitary”

Adrian: “Hedy Lamarr wants to see you.”

“That’s nothing,” I said indifferently. “Lana Turner, Betty Grable, Carole Landis, and the Snow Queen want to see me also. I just haven’t the—-“

“But she does, she really does,” they insisted.

“You mean,” I faltered, “that Hedy Lamarr wants to see….little me?”

…at the dinner meeting:

“I sat down and turned my eyes upon Hedy Lamarr. My eyeballs sizzled, but I could not take them away. Here, undoubtedly, was the most beautiful woman on earth. Most movie queens don’t look so good when you see them in the flesh, but this one looked infinitely better than on the screen. Her breasts were fine, too, real postpituitary.

The black ringlets fell softly down her throat, and…oh, well, why go on? You can get the same effect by going to your favorite movie theater and pretend you’re looking across the dinner table, just like lucky me.

And—remember!—this picture is in technicolor!” (Bad Boy 327-8)

Hedy Lamarr kept on writing for a moment, and then said,

“I know it, I’ve studied your charts in Esquire. Now what I want to know is, what shall I do about it? Adrian says you’re wonderful…”

Prepituitary :

‘the intellectual and creative urge”

“Well,” I said,
“your breasts…they…so to speak…
if you’re short on postpituitary…
thing to do is…er,
activating substance…
breasts can be controlled by…”

(Oh God, I wanted to die of shame!)

Wilson, a so-called expert in hormonal therapies for women, wrote a testimonial in the introduction of Ecstasy. He would no doubt have approved of Antheil’s glandular doll collection.

Postpituitary (hyper)

‘the companionate and hail-fellow urge”

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