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“The original script for Ecstasy was a five-page affair, with hardly any dialogue..”

I balked at the nude scene.

Where is it in the script?” The director shouted “If you do not do this scene, the picture will be ruined, and we will collect our losses from you!”….

“I won’t. I won’t take off my clothes!” I was thinking of my parents…not to mention the crew we were shooting with, and the public, later on. Impossible!….  

They went into a huddle. There was much waving of arms, and, at length, a compromise. “The cameras will go up on that hill.” He pointed to a rise about fifty yards away. “You will run through the trees and into the water, and just swim out a way.” I started to argue but he stopped me. “The cameras will be so far off it will be just an impression, a mood.”

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that you attended with your father and mother]


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It didn’t take me long to size up the director’s artistry. I could see right away that the forest was just too close! The next moment, I was running through the trees. Good lord, the camera was no more than twenty feet away! I felt my face turning crimson. Remember, this was Europe over thirty years ago, not today’s American “in” group. The swimming scene was quick, but not quick enough. The trick was obvious: They had used a telescopic lens. As I sat there, I wanted to kill the director. Then, I wanted to run and hide. My father solved the predicament. He simply rose, and said grimly, “We will go.”

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