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One night an English colonel was a guest at Mandl’s.

He was openly critical of the Nazi movement.  I sensed a fellow conspirator….

As soon as Mandl left, I moved to a chair near Colonel Righter and whispered frantically. “Can you help me to escape from Vienna? I’m virtually a prisoner here at home and in this country. Can you please help me?”

“I must escape,” I said. “My husband has servants watching me and the surveillance gets cruel all the time.”

Colonel Righter was very nervous. “Contact me,” he said after a pause. “I will help you somehow.” He patted my hand.



[Ironically, Mandl’s prison house in which you found yourself confined would later be the same mansion that the Von Trapp family would be forced to leave in The Sound of Music.]

…I was in that bedroom, sitting in a negligee before the mirror and combing my hair. Mandl did knock–but he came in before I could reply.

He was smiling…which was sometimes a bad sign. “I have a rare Strauss waltz,” he began; “I thought you would like to hear it.”

As he walked to the portable record-player in a tiny anteroom, I suspected something. There were a few strains of music, but then a voice broke it.  

It was mine!

“Can you help me to escape from Vienna? I’m virtually a prisoner here and in this country…”

The entire conversation was played back…. Mandl shut off the machine and picked up the record.

He kissed me on the forehead and said goodnight. “Of course I will have to increase your guard.  And perhaps for a little while you should confine yourself to your suite.”