Cloning objects can save you a lot of time on a project when you are working with duplicate objects. When an object is cloned, a duplicate is made of the selected object. The original object becomes the control object…

I know why I’ve waited
Know why I’ve been blue
I pray each night for someone
Exactly like you
Why should we spend some money
On a show or two
No one plays those love themes
Exactly like you


In his Creating a Goddess Studio: An Owner’s Guide, Guy Louis instructs us in the handling and management of a cloned object:

Again, I speak of the mannequin’s “Body Language, my Hedy Lamarr sculpture is sitting in a relaxed position, any exaggeration from this and it would look like a “stuffed rubber doll” and would ruin the illusion.

I say this because it is important  to properly install these mannequins…

She is photographed here the same way she will be displayed by her new owner.

You really have to put the extra time in posing them because this is YOUR investment, you want to have as much realism as possible… so please, take your time.

If you feel that you are unable to install or pose your mannequin, please let me know so we can make arrangements for me to complete the installation for you, it would also be my pleasure!

Thank you for visiting my “Creating a Goddess” site.

You were fair game for Corel and the ghostwriters who created a boiler-plate “autobiography”about you.

Hollywood brought you back from the dead as Rachel, the replicant in Bladerunner who was modeled after you.

Like her, a persona implanted with false memories, you were the victim of the ghostwriters’ machinations.

“Those aren’t your memories. They’re someone else’s.”


Separated from you, often consigned to boarding schools, your son yearns for a connection, as when he visits a Hollywood wax museum—”Are you here, Mother?”—only to discover that your effigy has been melted down, replaced by that of Lara Croft, Tomb Raider.

If there is any consolation here, at least your “replacement” is an empowered female–granted a bit overblown and fictitious. 



Still, living on a Screen Actors Guild pension, you would justly lament:

“Never a thank you, never money.  I don’t know.  I guess they just take and forget about a person.”